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a unit of energy equal to the power of one watt operating for one hour

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Massachusetts saved 610 gigawatthours in 2010 after the legislature passed a law in 2008 requiring state utilities to boost energy efficiency.
UK statistical data reveals that on 14 September 2012, wind turbines connected to the National Grid produced over 80 gigawatthours of electricity - over 10% of total UK generation.
Of the 20,000 gigawatthours (GWh) in 30-year cumulative California utility energy-efficiency savings, 15,000 GWh (75 percent) are attributed to the period from 1975 to the mid-1980s, and came almost entirely from information and education and energy audit programs--hardly equivalent offsets to utility generation.
The $147m Kureimat integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) scheme comprises a 70MW steam turbine and two 40MW gas-powered turbines, in addition to a 127MW solar trough collector, which will produce 200 gigawatthours (GWh) a year.
6 gigawatthours in 2002, slightly lower than the 945.