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However, when the chair arrived in November, Mary, who has 12 grandchildren, 22 ' The salesman had the gift of the gab. I thought the chair would be ideal for mum to recline in great-grandkids and three great-great-grandkids, thought it was too big for her.
When Karan asked Suzanne what she would do if she woke up as Gauri, Suzanne showed her gift of the gab and said: " I would quickly go and give Shahrukh a kiss on his lips".
Although she was team leader, Kate didn't get chance to say much but she did a great job of looking attractive - all teeth and smiles!" Prettiest of them all, though, according to our spy was Geordie estate agent Phillip who definitely had the gift of the gab. His charm certainly appeared to be working on
LEGENDARY entertainer Max Boyce, pictured, has proven he's still got the gift of the gab by recording a Welsh language telephone hearing check.
HE was handsome, hunky, charming and had the gift of the gab. I might have swooned but for the dazzling whiteness of his teeth.
John said: "With no money in your pocket you have to rely on the gift of the gab to get lifts."
Now Maria has the gift of the gab and quite a good imagination but if she had started telling me 1001 stories after we first got married I would have been down the pub double quick-sticks.
He may have the gift of the gab but David O'Leary is bottom of the West Midlands' Premiership when it comes to one fans' league.
King Henry VIII's sixth-form students have also been demonstrating their gift of the gab.
He is described as "a serial risk-taker and expert liar" who has the gift of the gab when it comes to getting what he wants.
Although Lottie has the gift of the gab, she confessed her singing voice doesn't quite match up.
"Coming from the North East myself I was keen to make sure we had some lads and lasses from the area in the mix as they always seem to have the gift of the gab and to make friends easily in a reality situation like this.
premiere of Mr Nice, in which Ifans stars as theWelsh charmer with the gift of the gab, 65-year-old Marks said the actor was the ideal choice to play him because of his "deep sincerity and his wisdom".
Her subject is the Rev Cotton Marcus (Fabian), a charismatic preacher with the gift of the gab and a penchant for magic tricks.
"You have to be a big head to be a good dancer - and I've got that - and I've got enough gift of the gab to make sure I'll give as good as I get from the judges.