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location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain

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Classified as a "British Overseas Territory", Gibraltarians elect their own government but foreign policy and defence matters are the purview of the government at Westminster.
Commenting on the initiative, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said: The Government is delighted that two young Gibraltarians have agreed to represent their country at the Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Jersey.
The water consumed by all Gibraltarians thus comes from the contested British Gibraltarian territorial waters.
That the choice of time-setting is during the Great Siege is fortuitous, with its focus on the threats to survival facing the British and their colonial subjects, the Gibraltarians, at a mythopoeic moment in their common imperial history.
Other disputes have included the strict security checks at the Spanish border which created queues of up to eight hours for Gibraltarians, while Gibraltar has placed concrete blocks on the seabed around the territory to prevent perceived overfishing by Spanish boats.
In response to "Pain in Spain," (GDN, Aug 16), I have my doubts, but I am hoping David Cameron is resolute enough to stand up for the Gibraltarians and reinforce the fact that Gibraltar is British.
It is no wonder Gibraltarians and Falklanders always vote to remain British.
It is no wonder that Gibraltarians and Falklanders always vote to remain British.
Gibraltarians are firmly on London's side in the latest of a long string of spats with Madrid over the fate of the British outpost which lies off the southern tip of Spain and within sight of the African coastline.
The euro is the crisis facing the Spanish government, not the right of the Gibraltarians to fish off their own Rock.
Such a fee could impose punitive costs on Gibraltarians who regularly commute into Spain to work.
The minister said Spain was considering a EURU50 border-crossing fee and tax investigations of thousands of Gibraltarians who own property in Spain.
Gibraltarians were up in arms after it emerged that during the 10-day tour of Portugal, Spain and Morocco, Charles and Camilla will be on official business in Seville, an hour-and-a-half's drive from the British territory, and are expected to spend a private weekend in the millionaires' playground of Sotogrande, 20 minutes from Gibraltar.
It was not until the 1960s Spain wanted it back, arguing that the Gibraltarians were not citizens but settlers and should have no say.
Two of his training partners, Gibraltarians Dominic Carroll and Jonathan Lavers, produced their best performances at Birmingham, Carroll recording a personal best in the 60m and Lavers setting a new national record in the 400m.