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United States composer (born in Italy) of operas (born in 1911)


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OPERA legend Gian Carlo Menotti is to be laid to rest at his country house in Scotland, his family announced yesterday.
The libretto was by his long term companion, the composer Gian Carlo Menotti, recalling a similar relationship between Verdi and Boito, who turned away from composition to supply Verdi with librettos.
Este acontecimiento va a ser de vital importancia en la vida del compositor venezolano: participara en el montaje y estreno de la Opera El Medium de Gian Carlo Menotti, realizado en la misma Universidad de Columbia en 1946.
Worth noting is the closed-minded fury with which composer Gian Carlo Menotti, artistic director of Spoleto, denounced Jacob's exhibition after it opened, ensuring that, at least in this case, history would not repeat itself.
Yet the author and Gian Carlo Menotti (founder and impresario of Spoleto) defend The Last Yankee as a play of hope.
It was written as the second movement of the String Quartet, Opus 11, that Barber composed in 1936 during a sojourn in Italy with his partner, Gian Carlo Menotti.
By Gian Carlo Menotti, directed by Sandy Pickens, music director Julie Rawson, choreography by Shelly Stone and Susan Coe Sigler.
In addition to perennial hits like Carmen and Madama Butterfly, the Sarasota Opera gives us two masterworks never before performed on the Opera House stage: Verdi's powerful Otello, featuring Rafael Davila and Maria D'Arnato as the doomed Moor and his loving Desdemona (March 3-25) and Samuel Barber's Pulitzer Prize-winning Vanessa, with a libretto by Gian Carlo Menotti and starring Kara Shay Thomson (who provided a memorable Tosca here a couple of seasons ago) as the deluded Vanessa, who believes her lover has returned to her after 20 years (March 10-24).
Two interviews with Barber's close friends Gian Carlo Menotti and Charles Turner make up the next part.
It was put on the market by the adopted son of Italian-American opera composer Gian Carlo Menotti for pounds 15million in August 2008 - just a month before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, sparking the credit crunch and the recession.
His point in telling how he was severely beaten by "an eye-filling stripling" who had invited his advances is to emphasize John Button's kindness in caring for him, and to record the response of Gian Carlo Menotti, for whom he was working as a secretary: "Oh, Joe, these are the people I want to reach with my music.
The ballets are set to music by three gay composers from different periods: Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, who was tormented by his homosexuality; Samuel Barber, who for years lived with composer Gian Carlo Menotti in a "don't ask, don't tell"--style relationship; and Billy Strayhorn, who, Scott says, "took it a step further, living his life openly, accepting the limitations that meant for him.
In 1965, Gian Carlo Menotti, director of the Spoleto, Italy, Festival of Two Worlds, invited Paul to perform and make a new dance for the company.
When in the late 1950s composer-impresario Gian Carlo Menotti decided to start an arts festival, he sought a perfect setting convenient to both Rome and Florence.
His collectors include royalties and heads of state, culture figures such as Jean Cocteau and Gian Carlo Menotti, Elsa Schiaparelli, John Schlesinger, Nelson Rockefeller and Joseph Pulitzer Jr.