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Synonyms for ghoul

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

Synonyms for ghoul

someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

an evil spirit or ghost

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? Dr Nerium's Garden Of Ghouls runs at the gardens in Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, until Sunday, November 4.
'I'm glad you found 'Ghoul' scary, but I hope that doesn't mean there's something wrong with me ...
With no early ghoul it was a poor spectrecle until a fangtastic 2nd half in witch Boro monstered Charlton who gave up the ghost.
Toni and Ryan are giving out sweets to trick or treaters and on October 31 they will hold a party for spooky guys and ghouls, with Ryan dressed as the Grim Reaper and Toni in her Day of the Deadinspired outfit.
The Nameless Ghoul also informed that they have been working on their next studio project.
OWN GHOUL: On a site occupied for more than 1,000 years there's a fair chance of some odd occurrences.
* Solomon Taiwo and Filip Kiss at the ghouls and ghosts afternoon
Victoria Laurie's GHOULS, GHOULS, GHOULS (9780451231970, $7.99) provides a satisfying paranormal mystery as it tells of M.J.
From ghosts and ghouls to gruesome tucker, Cadbury World is hosting a spook-tacular line-up of activities.
Eight Eldorado County deputies screeched up posthaste, and at first glance, it seemed the reports were true: a gruesome group of gangrenous-lookin' ghouls with huge gaping wounds and protruding broken bones were indeed mauling a screamin' female.
al-Qazwini (c.1208-c.1283) mentioned a different description taken from an old Arabic source, which says that when the devils wanted to eavesdrop on Heaven, God threw meteors at them, (5) whereupon some were burnt, fell into the sea and later turned into crocodiles, while others dropped onto the ground and changed into ghouls (1980, 236).
As Halloween party starts I'm all aquiver The thought of monsters and ghouls makes me shiver Black cats and witches I can just cope with Monsters and ghouls I have no hope with Creaking doors and ghoulish shrieks Is all it takes to make me freak As they all go trick or treating I prefer to delay our meeting Even next year is too soon I think To have to end up seeing a shrink So go away you horrible lot Before you make me lost the plot!
Produced for distribution to ghouls and goblins on Halloween, these laydown bag.
A scary thought, even if most ghosts and ghouls these days are guising kids dressed up for the night.