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stairway in India leading down to a landing on the water

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In peninsular India, the Eastern Ghats is one of the more poorly studied regions in terms of herpetological diversity, notwithstanding the numerous surveys and inventories conducted there (Rao et al.
It had become difficult for the vendors to use these 'ghats' due to the accumulation of slush, garbage and muddy water.
It is no one's contention that the entire Western Ghats should be made unapproachable to human settlements.
Bhargav took me on a boat ride along the sandstone ghats, lit up in pink and bright yellow floodlights.
The Periyar originates in Idukki district, which lies along the ridge of the Ghats and has the highest reservoirs in this river system's cascade.
'Keeping in view the difficulties of Hindu and Sikh community, we have decided to establish shamshan ghats in Peshawar and DI Khan on priority basis,' he said.
Yadav had won a National Geographic Young Explorers grant to document 'sky islands.' These were the isolated mountain peaks that rose above the clouds in a 400-mile swath of the Western Ghats, hence the term.
The species diversity of fungi and their natural beauty occupy prime place in the biological world and the western ghats of India is a cradle of these species.
It is located in a scenic setting, near the foothills of the Western Ghats in Palakkad.
The 89 ghats in Varnasi sport a much cleaner look, a fact acknowledged by some of the foreign tourists who visit Varnasi regulary, according Lal Bihari, a Varnasi- based tour operator, who handles tourists mostly from South Africa and Sri Lanka.
DURING MY TIME IN Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, in the fall of 2012, I spent a lot of my time strolling along in the serenity of the ghats. The ghats, which hold steps that lead into the sacred Ganga River, can be a place of either peace or chaos depending on the time of day and location.
Aaron D'Souza has just walked along old mountain paths across the Western Ghats from Azra in southwest Maharashtra to Goa to get a glimpse of a traveller from a different age.
Summary: Once in 12 years the Western Ghats witness a breathtaking
They're found exclusively in the Western Ghats, a lush mountain range that stretches 1,600 kilometers from the western state of Maharashtra down to the country's southern tip.