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The central conflict in this drama is between Jang Geum and the Choi family, who have corruptly controlled the royal kitchen for five generations, using this position as a means to gain power and wealth.
Unlike the Chois, Jang Geum and her mentor, Lady Han (Yang Mi-kyeong), see their role in the royal kitchen as a supreme responsibility to prepare delicious, beautiful, and healthy food.
Upon learning that the only way a slave may enter life in the palace--where Jang Geum still has goals to achieve--is as a physician lady, she begins studying and training in the field of medicine.
Like Jang Geum, all the major and minor characters in the series are beautifully conceived and portrayed, and there are scores of characters.
Further fueling her animosity toward Jang Geum are a mutual love interest in Sir Min, and Keum Young's family, who ultimately call on her to betray Jang Geum and Sir Min.