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Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)

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My margin had to get smaller because of that," said Gessner.
It is also a travelogue in which David Gessner visits the Western locations that inspired the two men, from Canada to Utah to California.
What I came to believe over the course of the year, and what I suspected all along if I am honest, is that Wallace Stegner and Edward Abbey, far from being regional or outdated, have never been more relevant," Gessner writes.
This is a critical time because the issues have never been tougher or the stakes higher for the independent cable community," Gessner said.
Barbara Gessner has had a long and distinguished career in nursing.
Gessner describes every language he can find out anything about, attempting to determine their relationships and giving sample texts (usually a version of the "Lord's Prayer").
We strive to build a reputation that is synonymous with quality," said Karin Gessner, president and CEO of Red Devil Equipment.
Baqui AH, El Arifeen S, Saha SK, Persson L, Zaman K, Gessner BD, et al.
Products are marketed under such brands as Classic, Environment, Starwhite, Gessner, Jet-Pro SS, and Varitess.
The sixth and final chapter addresses the impact of Iberian American animals on natural history in Europe, over the long century from the Renaissance tomes of Girolamo Cardano and Conrad Gessner to the Royal Society of London and the French Academie des Sciences.
Previously, he was global creative director at Avon Products and global design director at Gessner AG.
SOARING WITH FIDEL: An Osprey Odyssey from Cape Cod to Cuba and Beyond DAVID GESSNER
Gessner BD, Reproductive health, criminal activity, and abuse among 10 to 15-year old females enrolled in Medicaid, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2006, 108(1): 111-118
FiberMark Gessner, a global supplier of automotive and vac bag filter media as well as a manufacturer of backing papers for coated abrasives and adhesive tapes, has added a laminator to its technical capabilities.
Author David Gessner had always known of John Hay, who was his hero; but he only befriended the older naturalist when he returned to his childhood home on Cape Cod.