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It offers a unique frame of activities and programs alongside German language courses.
The author team comprises two well-respected educators in the field of German language learning.
McLelland contributes to debates about fundamental aspects of language teaching and learning by providing a historical perspective in the shape of an interdisciplinary history of German language learning and teaching in the British Isles.
KARACHI -- The German language course entitled Fit for Germany has been successfully concluded at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi.
Ron Deigh began his study of the German language as a California community college student, and his very humorous experiences associated with learning German began on the very first day of his exposure to the language.
Muscat: Recently, a group of 10 GUtech students from the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) passed the Language Exam A1 of the Goethe Institut, the German Language and Culture Centre.
Learning German language is not necessary if you are opting for any course in English, he said, adding that there are 900 courses in English in Germany.
Hanan bint Ibrahim al- Shihyah, Director of the International Educational Programsat the Ministry of Education and Sabina Brachmann, Director of the German Language Center in the Sultanate signed the agreement.
Individual scholarships have been provided for 44 students to be trained at summer German language courses; 17 students to study in graduate programs in universities of Germany; 12 students, interns and professors to partake in short- and long-term researches; and 2 students from schools with intensive study of German language to study in German universities too.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Guenter Krings, a deputy interior minister, said on Thursday that the German government would "examine carefully" the implications of a European Union court ruling against German language tests, which he describes as necessary for the successful integration of the spouses of Turkish immigrants.
At the moment there are 9 Macedonian pupils who are scholarship holders in Germany and 6 at an international German language camp in Istanbul.
THE opening of Perspektive Kino, a cinematic survey aimed at giving local audiences a representative sample of German language film in a spirit of cultural exchange was held at Katara on Thursday.
There are four different types of workshop - German language, Mandarin language, export communications and a general export workshop for those seeking to take their first steps into international trade.
The Namibian winners of the German language competition left for Germany this week.
The German language is filled with compound words - many of which simply go by shorthand versions based on initials.