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Synonyms for wire-haired

(especially of dogs) having stiff wiry hair


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The lower court last year assigned ownership of the then 11-year-old German wirehaired pointer to the husband, Daniel Hament, a Richmond veterinarian.
The victorious pooch, who was born and bred in the Netherlands, outshined six other dogs, including an Old English sheepdog named Swagger who claimed runner-up, a Bichon Frise, a smooth fox terrir, an American foxhound, a German wirehaired pointer, and Portuguese Water Dog, who is the same breed as the U.
Just the other day my friend Jamie was telling me about her efforts to get her previously ravenous German Wirehaired Pointer to eat something, anything, since he was started on a drug to treat his Cushing's disease.
The German wirehaired pointer was working the hillside, bounding off in short bursts in one direction and then another when she hit upon a wall of fresh scent.
A couple of years ago, I was persuaded to take on a German Wirehaired Pointer from a rescue home.
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