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It was mostly about the German successes in Africa and conjectures as to when the German army in Europe would reach Paris.
She was German and that was enough; but he had other and more important work before him.
The German literate reversed this process with the profane French literature.
The introduction of these philosophical phrases at the back of the French historical criticisms they dubbed "Philosophy of Action," "True Socialism," "German Science of Socialism," "Philosophical Foundation of Socialism," and so on.
"Accursed Germans!" he cried, and looked down at the dead face on his arm, and shrugged his shoulders resignedly.
If she respected the case as inviolable, the Germans would certainly not hesitate to examine it, and the Germans would hardly trouble themselves to write to England.
Naturally, I never got any scholarly use of the languages I was worrying at, and though I could once write a passable literary German, it has all gone from me now, except for the purposes of reading.
[1] Late in July, 1916, an item in the shipping news mentioned a Swedish sailing vessel, Balmen, Rio de Janiero to Barcelona, sunk by a German raider sometime in June.
He looked out, and saw once more that sunlit cloud floor he had seen first from the balloon, and the ships of the German air-fleet rising one by one from the white, as fish might rise an become visible from deep water.
"Drop those guns!" came in short, sharp syllables and perfect German from the lips of the newcomer.
I am told that in a German concert or opera, they hardly ever encore a song; that though they may be dying to hear it again, their good breeding usually preserves them against requiring the repetition.
It quite made one's flesh creep; but we murmured to one another that it was the German method, and prepared to enjoy it.
"Sell me the missis," said another soldier, addressing the German, who, angry and frightened, strode energetically along with downcast eyes.
It was impossible for any word of their presence in Ossray to have been known to the Germans. Yet the night of Granet's capture the village was shelled, and those who escaped were cut off and made prisoners.
cried Starbuck, pointing to something wavingly held by the German. Impossible!