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(botany) a slender tubular outgrowth from a spore in germination

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Species identification was performed by Sugar fermentation, Sugar Assimilation, Germ tube production and colony morphology on Hi-Chrome agar.
fluorescens significantly (P < 0.05) inhibited spore germination, and germ tube elongation of P.
These Candida-positive colonies were gram stained and only those which were round to oval with purple-coloured budding yeast cells were further processed for germ tube (GT) test.
megaterium, significantly decreased colony growth diameter (76.84-45.69%) of dracaena leaf spot fungi as well as spore germination (48.80-23.20%) and length of germ tube (88.77-65.65%) of the germinated spores compared to untreated control.
To confirm the presence of Candida, Gram staining and germ tube test were performed.
Speciation of Candida isolates was done by the germ tube test, morphology on corn meal agar and Chromagar.
All species which were positive for germ tube and chlamydospore production were cultured on SDA and kept at 45C for 48-72 h.
albicans ATCC10231 provided by American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), Rockville, MD, USA, was employed for determining the antifungal PDI (APDI), fungicidal studies and germ tube inhibition.
Culture filtrates of these isolates were tested to determine their potency to inhibit germination and decrease germ tube length of conidia of the test pathogen.
From 35h.a.i., elongation of the germ tube and development of the penetration structures of the fungus were observed (Figure 2E).
africana may well be endemic in the United States at this point, but it has been unrecognized until now because laboratories have report ed it simply as "'yeast, not Candida albicans.'" This organism ressembles albicans on wet mount and is also germ tube positive.
In this study, conidial germination was observed 6 h.a.i, through the formation of the germ tube or appressoria, similar to the findings obtained with C.
Until then it had been misidentified as candida albicans if only germ tube test was used for identification as both the species have many similarities in their microscopic morphology and ability to form germ tubes in serum.4,5