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(medicine) the theory that all contagious diseases are caused by microorganisms

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Certainly, before Semmelweiss and Pasteur, if one asked what a new theory of disease would be like--what would it amount to and what good would it be--they would not have been able to answer because they did not have any clear insight into the shape and direction of what would amount to the new germ theory of disease.
If you don't believe it, think about how humanity's greater knowledge of such things as the germ theory of disease and the atomic theory of matter have radically increased humankind's choices and freedom during the last two centuries.
For instance, Waller reports that: Louis Pasteur suppressed data that didn't support his case for the germ theory of disease.
More important than the specific date is the magnitude of change the germ theory of disease caused in epidemiology and public health science.
Despite greater awareness of the importance of sanitation and the growing acceptance of the new germ theory of disease, devastating outbreaks of yellow fever continued to ravage non-immune visitors to Africa.
Tomes, whose own research has focused on the popularization of the germ theory of disease, has begun thinking about home economics through the history of health consumerism and information circulation.