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In his study, the importance of a fourth character, the orientation of the germ pore (GP) in regard to the first plumular leaf primordium (L1), became apparent.
As in the Schoenus-type, the germ pore is perpendicular to the first primordial leaf as in the Fimbristylis-type (Goetghebeur 1986).
UREDINIOSPORES are single celled, globose-ovoid or subglobose, 20-27.5 x 20-30 um, wall 1-1.5 um thick, light brown to reddish brown, smooth, germ pores equatorial and 1-2.
According to literature [8] this rust species was first believed to have 2 germ pores, however, Abbasi [12] described 2-5 germ pores.
However, they differ in the lack of velar remnants on pileus margin, basidiospores slightly smaller with a reduced germ pore, lack of cheilochrysocystidia, and pileipellis with a thick gelatinized layer (Noordeloos, 2011).
Asci subglobose to clavate small walled, uniseriate, unitunicate, evanescent, 8 ascospores, with measure 32-56 x 7,4 [micro]m, young ascospore greyish yellow in colour at maturity, turning amber in colour, ellipsoidal with an equatorial germ slit, 35-40x 18-20 [micro]m, having one or two germ pore. FIG.
The genus Thielavia is restricted to Pyrenomycetes characterized by non ostiolate ascomata and ascospores with a simple distinct germ pore although C.
Teliospores ovoid to ellipsoid, cinnamon brown to chestnut brown, 20[?]26 x 23[?]31 um; wall 1[?]3 um thick, minutely verrucose at the apex; germ pore 1 per cell, equatorial; apex 4[?]6 um thick.
Urediniospores subglobose or ovoid, yellowish brown, 12-18 x 16-26 um; wall densely echinulate, germ pores 2-4,scattered.
The mature pollen grains contained two cells in mid-May and formed an approximate equilateral triangle with three germ pores (Figs.
The pollen grains are monocolpate and two-celled with three germ pores at shedding.
The ascospores of this fungus consist of ascospores with two germ pores and extruded in a mass or as cirrhi.
Urediniospores globose to sub-globose or ellipsoid, pale brown with yellowish contents, (18-) 20-27 x (21-) 24-29 (-32.5) um (mean 22.8 x 26.4 um), wall 1.5-2.5 um, echinulate; germ pores 7-10 (-11), scattered, sometimes appeared as tending to be equatorial, lumen often invigilated at the pores; pedicel hyaline, deciduous; Paraphyses capitate, abundant, 34-68 um long, 9-21 um wide apically, 4-10 um at the base, thickened apically, rarely cylindrical.