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Flemish geographer who lived in Germany

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Gerard Mercator produced a map of the world in 1538, inscribed:
Gerard Mercator, who gave his name to the projection in which the meridians and parallels are all drawn at 90 was the first man to coin the term "atlas" to refer to sets of bound maps.
Major globe-makers like Martin Waldseemuller, Johann Schoner, Gerard Mercator, Willem Jansz Blaeu, Emery Molyneux, John Senex, Joseph Moxon, Vincenzo Coronelli and John Cary have their exits and their entrances, along with less well-known figures like Richard Cushee.
Other missing work included maps by Gerard Mercator dating back to 1636.
He is thought to have influenced the work of both Gerard Mercator and Oronce Fine.
One of Petermann's students later wrote that the great man was "able to place himself in the centre of the geographical explorations of his time"--a description that applies equally to the father of modern scientific mapmaking, Gerard Mercator. As the man who coined the term 'atlas' while living on the banks of the Rhine, one feels that Mercator would have relished this golden age of German cartography.
Titlepages and frontispieces are taken from works by Gerard de Jode (1578), Christopher Saxton (1579), Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius (1606), William Camden (1607) and Willem J.
The World of Gerard Mercator by Andrew Taylor HarperCollins, hb, pp274, 16.99 [pounds sterling]
Gerard Mercator was one of the better known and respected geographical editors who redrew the Ptolemaic maps.
This single-sheet map of Europe is, in essence, the work of the famed cartographer Gerard Mercator (1512-94).
Gerard Mercator's maps are highly praised by Nicholas Crane (Changing our world view, April 2003), and rightly so.