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Myrtales, Geraniales, Fabales, and, to some extent, malvids are most conspicuous for monosymmetric flowers, with a peak of elaboration in Fabales.
This is also true for the newly here positioned orders Myrtales and Geraniales.
5] GERANIALES Geraniaceae Pelargonium endlicherianum Fenzl [32] LAMIALES Acanthaceae Avicennia marina (Forssk.
A proposal to elevate the genus to familial rank was made by van Tieghem (1903), who placed Strasburgeria within a broadly defined Geraniales.
Crossosomatales and Geraniales are successive sister groups to eurosids II, with low support (Soltis et al.
Dawson (1936) and Kumar(1976) interpreted the androecium of Geraniales as originally triplostemonous with a progressive reduction series, leading to the transformation of outer antesepal ous stamens into glands and antepetalous stamens into scale-like staminodes.