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The petals are contort in those genera of Geraniaceae that have otherwise polysymmetric flowers (Geranium, Monsonia) (Eichler, 1878), and also in Hypseoeharitaceae (Devi, 1991) and Ledoearpaceae (Knuth, 1931).
Don E, J N 4118 [bluebells] GERANIACEAE Erodium cicutarium (L.
Plants are available at many local nurseries, or by mail from Geraniaceae (catalog $4.
some Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae, Geraniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Veronicaceae, Campanulaceae, Goodeniaceae, Orchidaceae) (Jabbour et al.
In the heart of Northern California's Marin County, along a steep, narrow, winding road, is an unusual nursery called Geraniaceae.
You can visit Parer's nursery, Geraniaceae, by calling (415) 461-4168 for an appointment.
The difference has been found to correlate with plant families or subfamilies with Orchidaceae, Campanulaceae, Cruciferae, Solanaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Geraniaceae and Ranunculaceae etc.
Gentianaceae [45], Geraniaceae [32], Grossulariaceae [89],
45], Geraniaceae [32], Gesneriaceae [77], Grossulariaceae
Thus, the pattern of constituents allowed to show that the plant belongs to the botanical family of the Geraniaceae.
5] GERANIALES Geraniaceae Pelargonium endlicherianum Fenzl [32] LAMIALES Acanthaceae Avicennia marina (Forssk.
In addition to a further 280 known species, both species belong to the genus Pelargonium, tribe Geranieae, section Cortusina of the Geraniaceae family (Dreyer et al.
4] glucose cores demonstrated for plants belonging to Geraniaceae.
reniforme has also led to the isolation of two structurally closely related lignan glucosides, (+)-isolariciresinol-2a-[beta]-glucopyranoside and an isomer of undefined stereochemistry due to limited sample quantity, the first members of this group of secondary products to be reported for the Geraniaceae (Latte, 1999).
in Sterculiaceae, Geraniaceae, Primulaceae, Mytraceae; Ronse Decraene & Smets, 1995a; Figs.