Gerald Rudolph Ford

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38th President of the United States

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During Ford's formative years, his mother, Dorothy Gardner Ford, molded his character and propensity for achievement, while stepfather Gerald Rudolph Ford Sr.
Gerald Rudolph Ford, the 38th president, suffered a stroke while attending the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.
The full names of the presidents together with birth/death and power dates are: i) Lyndon Baines Johnson (D/1908-1973/1963-1969), ii) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D/1882-1945/1932-1945), iii) Dwight David Eisenhower (@/1890-1969/1953/1961), iv) John Fitzgerald Kennedy (D/1917-1963/1961-1963), v) James Earl Carter (D/1924-/1977-1981), vi) Barack Hussein Obama (D/1961-/2009-), vii) William Jefferson Clinton (D/1946-/1993-2001), viii) Richard Milhous Nixon (R/1913-1995/1969-1974), ix) Gerald Rudolph Ford (R/1913-2006/1974-1977), Harry 'S' Truman (D/1884-1972/1945-1953) &, xi) Ronald Wilson Reagan (R/1911-2004/1981-1989) 6.