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a system of taxation in which a tax is levied on a single commodity (usually land)

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He provides a more detailed account of the social circumstances that gave rise to Georgism as well as how Henry George and the Georgists sought to transform those conditions.
While Bellamy may have sought to "Americanise Marxism" (Neville-Sington and Sington 223), Lucas can be seen to be Christianising and Australianising Marxism and Henry Georgism. Lucas describes land near Brisbane being cultivated by yeoman farmers living in neat cottages, a description which reflects a return to the bucolic virtues of small-scale agricultural production.
The concerts have raised pounds 800,000 for cancer care and research, with pounds 57,000 distributed in the past year alone and more than pounds 5,000 added by this concert, sponsored by Bell Truck Sales, Fergusons of Blyth and Francis Transport (a preponderance of truckers surely another Georgism).
Georgism is the synthesis of capitalism and its spectacular material success with socialism and its commitment to equality and social justice.
These ideas, Haila argues, were influenced by the embrace of Fabianism and Georgism. Generally, these philosophies shape what answers are given to key questions such as 'who gets rent, why and how it is distributed?' (p.
There seems now to be a reawakening of interest in Georgism, or at least in a line of Neo-Georgist thought that is seeking, not a doctrinaire and literal restatement of the words of the master, but a reinterpretation that identifies the essential and enduring principles, and attempts to show their relevance to the world's current economic and environmental problems.
Day's book is therefore an absorbing contribution, not only because of its observations on the failures and absurdities of our town planning system, but also as an incisive commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of Georgism, and as a possible catalyst in an evolutionary transition from Georgism to Neo-Georgism.