Georges Enesco

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Romanian violinist and composer (1881-1955)

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Internationally renowned pianist, teacher, composer and writer, Seymour Bernstein studied with Nadia Boulanger, Georges Enesco and Sir Clifford Curzon.
entre otros; asi como Adolf Busch (1891-1952) y Georges Enesco (1881-1955), los maestros de Menuhin.
The veritable whirlwind George Enescu (or Georges Enesco in the Gallic sphere with which he is often identified) has not lacked for admirers in the Anglophone world--Gerald Abraham pronounced the operatic masterwork Oedipe to be "as subtly wrought" as Alban Berg's Wozzeck (in The Concise Oxford History of Music [London: Oxford University Press, 1979], 838)--and so it seems remarkable that the literature in English has for so long remained in a parlous state; Enescu cannot even be traced amidst the hues of Elaine Brody's Paris: The Musical Kaleidoscope 1870-1925 (New York: Braziller, 1987), though, similar to Maurice Ravel, he aroused considerable attention in Paris as a young student of Andre Gedalge and Gabriel Faure.
In 1925 Anderson entered Harvard University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1929, he studied with Georges Enesco and Walter Piston for a Master of Arts in Music in 1930.
Loan System is headquartered at 9-11 rue Georges Enesco, 94008 Creteil Cedex, France, telephone: +33 1 43 99 28 28; FAX: +33 1 43 99 29 38; http://www.
Emily will play music by Georges Enesco and Hamilton Harty.