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English writer and illustrator

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(27/) Letter to George Du Maurier of 27 July 1895, formerly in the collection of Daphne Du Maurier.
Here, in a curious footnote to cartoon and literary history, her eldest daughter Ellen met and married a French inventor and gave birth to George Du Maurier (1834-96), later to become a distinguished Punch cartoonist ('The Curate's Egg' was one of his) and author of the novel Trilby (1894), which featured the mesmerising character Svengali and was the origin of the eponymous hat.
i) George Du Maurier, ii) George Eliot, iii) George Moore, iv) George Orwell, and v) George Sand.
Most critical works on George Du Maurier's Trilby (1894) have suggested that Svengali has complete mesmeric power over Trilby.
This year's projects ranged from Wheaton's "Hi jab," a thriller set in a racially sensitive Paris suburb, to Himelstein's 18th century drama "Svengali," an adaptation of George du Maurier's classic "Trilby."
Marie Corelli's Sorrows of Satan (1895) can make a good argument for being the first bestseller; the Morgan, somewhat misleadingly, leaves us with George du Maurier's 1894- triple-decker Trilby, but it's still a good read, an argument that's harder to make for Corelli.
trilby a soft felt hat with an indented crown, named after Trilby O'Ferrall, the heroine of George du Maurier's novel Trilby, published in 1894.
Joseph Bristow takes up this question in his reading of George du Maurier's novel Trilby (1894) and its ambivalent idealization of Paris's filthy quartier latin of 1856-57.
Ahasuerus is not just a wanderer, but a shape-shifter who reappears in the 1890s in Gothic form as the bloodthirsty Count in Dracula and as the mesmeric Svengali in George du Maurier's Trilby (1894).
The help a budding musician gets from a bona fide teacher, however, is quite a different matter and the subject of numerous novels, such as George Du Maurier's Trilby, Robert Starer's The Music Teacher and Robert Tanenbaum's The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer.
George Du Maurier's novel Trilby, in which Svengali holds forth, was a spectacular best seller, breaking all records, both in England and the United States, when it was published in 1894, and it remained widely popular for generations.
Lodge's Henry James aspires "to be the Anglo-American Balzac," as he tells his good friend George Du Maurier, the half-blind Punch illustrator who eventually writes an enormously popular (and now forgotten) novel, Trilby.
Her grandfather was the artist and writer George du Maurier, and her father, the famous actor/manager Gerald du Maurier.
The English mania for blue and white china, commented on by George du Maurier in Punch, and traded in by Whistler, Rossetti, and other associates, formed a basis for the appreciation of pattern and surface which is embodied in the room.
Her grandfather, the Victorian novelist George du Maurier, claimed descent from a gentleman glass-blower defrauded of his estates and chateau by the French Revolution.