George Pitt

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a British playwright who created the fictional character Sweeney Todd (1799-1855)

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Central B&T, founded by the late George Pitts and Robert M.
CONTACT: George Pitts or Mark Ham, both of Cagle's Inc.
Central B&T was founded when the late George Pitts and Robert M.
Strauss Family Properties Partnership, Ruby McCaskill and The George Pitts family Ltd.
and the family of the late George Pitts pondered a sale to Bank of Oklahoma and public companies First United Bancshares Inc.
George Pitts bought the remains of Jim McDougal's Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan in 1990 with Wilson and changed its name to Central Bank & Trust.
The sudden death of George Pitts, his friend, business partner and 50 percent owner of the bank, put in motion other career changes.
I was very fortunate to partnership with someone like George Pitts.
I think I'm the only one who got all the money owed before they shut down," says George Pitts owner of Beach Abstract.
Beach is owned by George Pitts, who is one of two 50/50 owners of P&W Bancshares, the holding company of Central Bank & Trust.
The single biggest month of real estate activity George Pitts Jr.