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Forget the nation's deep unease at Tony Blair's seemingly blind backing for George Dubya Bush's determination to unleash war on Iraq.
In that case George Dubya Bush is dry, brittle and difficult to swallow - a pretzel.
In any event, Molly Ivins is not a fan of George Dubya Bush. She wrote a book about him called "Shrub." She had a great column that ran in our "Chronicle" here May 30.
SO George Dubya Bush has booted America into a new era as the 43rd President of the United States.
Chief among them is none other than President George Dubya Bush, who has just purchased a new home in Dallas, Texas, worth EUR2million.
But the sanctimonious message underlying the tale involved right-on fingerwagging over the policies of George Dubya Bush and Tony Blair.
I see that President George Dubya Bush has suffered another bout of foot in mouth syndrome.
Pr guru Robin Ashby (of Bergmans fame) was sitting in his hotel room at the Copernicus in Krakow, Poland, just two doors down the corridor from where George Dubya Bush stayed the previous night.
His new video depicts Tony Blair as a poodle to George Dubya Bush and also shows him apparently trying to get it on with the PM's missus, Cherie.
Crucial evidence appears to have gone walkabout, to wit: a letter from the former Prime Minister to President George Dubya Bush dated July 2002 said to begin with the words "You know George, whatever you do, you know I'm with you." This would confirm what we already assumed, and contrary to his repeated assertions, that multi-millionaire banker Blair was complicit in secret preparations for war.
AS if Gordon Brown didn't have enough trouble to deal with, he has invited the swaggering Simian, George Dubya Bush to Downing Street for one last photo-call.
But it's follow-up Mosh, a savage attack on George Dubya Bush and the Iraq War, that proves the stand-out, showcasing both his rap skills and social commentary.
Now, we learn that the Chilcot Inquiry (remember that?) will spill the beans about Tony Blair's secret summer pledge to President George Dubya Bush to commit British forces to the assault on Baghdad.
The singer-songwriter duo plan to perform Crooked Man, a song about President George Dubya Bush.
SOMEBODY ought to defend George Dubya Bush. He may be as thick as Rik Waller's sandwich, but at least he's got the good sense to employ scriptwriters with a sense of humour.