George Bush

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vice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924)

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This avenue incidentally joins the George Bush Highway at the Achimota intersection.
Illegal settlements continue to escalate, roadblock checkpoints increased by 180, Gaza turned into a virtual prison blocked off by land, sea and air and the current massacre taking place of more than 1,000, mostly innocent women and children, can be traced to his slavish devotion to George Bush.
And with the prosecution of George Bush, Dick Cheney and the other members of the extremist administration, I will restore my trust fully in the US democracy.
Human rights activist Bianca Jagger said: "It is outrageous that George Bush - a war criminal who has caused so much damage to our world - is to be protected from those who dare raise their voices against his crimes.
The Lord told me he's going to put his mantle over George Bush to protect him.
The largest is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, which currently ranks 11th on the United States' list of busiest airports in terms of international cargo.
George Bush has presided over more housing inflation than any president in the twentieth century.
And here's the really big question: is George Bush a Christian?
Count me among those out-of-step blue-staters who find it literally unbelievable that 51% of the American voting public still wanted George Bush to be their president.
IN A Washington brimming with pageantry under fortress-like security, US President George Bush looked ahead to his second inauguration, pledging to forge unity in a nation divided by political differences.
When a 13-year-old student recently tried to discuss the presidential election with AOL's online conversational robot SmarterChild, she became upset that the service seemed to favor John Kerry over George Bush.
GEORGE BUSH arrived in Florida early yesterday to tour the areas most devastated by Hurricane Ivan, which gutted thousands of homes and businesses and washed out roads and bridges.
George Bush and his allies have been modeling themselves on William McKinley, the champion of vested interests in the Gilded Age.
US president George Bush will hold a long-delayed meeting with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon next month,amid spiralling Middle East violence.