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the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918

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Among them were Gerhart Hauptman and Georg Kaiser, leading German dramatists of the day.
But exile was not the option chosen by dramatists and writers who remained in the Reich (for example, Gerhard Hauptmann, Georg Kaiser, Ernst Wiechert, Richard Strauss, William Furtwangler, Ricarda Huch, Hans Carossa, Gottfried Benn, Ernst Junger, and Walter von Molo), and even after the War writers such as Frank Thiess claimed that their presence in the Reich was an expression of the unique exile known as Die Innere Emigration (Inward Emigration)--a status which Theatre under the Nazis, unfortunately, only suggests.
The world premiere at the English National Opera of David Sawer's From Morning to Midnight, based on a play by the German expressionist Georg Kaiser, scored a great hit.
And against this background, Part Three traces the evolution of political Expressionism from the ecstatic anarchism of the pre-war Ludwig Rubiner, through the war years, to the apocalyptic pessimism of the post-war Georg Kaiser (pp.
German Expressionist Drama: Ernst Toller and Georg Kaiser.
It will, for instance, come as a surprise to students of Expressionism that the play Citizens of Calais was written by Ernst Barlach, not Georg Kaiser.