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Caption: Figure 9: The histogram of the correlation between observations and simulations for four predictors, represented by mean sea level pressure, temperature, moisture, and geopotential height at 850 hPa of the AM, the CAM, and the MCAM decomposition.
(2) Tibetan high (eastern type) activity index (TH): the average grid points of 200 hPa geopotential height within [95-105[degrees]E, 25-30[degrees]N] range;
--Number of fixed points: 1, --Number of unknowns: 1889, --Number of measurements: 1904, --Degrees of freedom: 15, --Standard deviation (from 0.870 kgal * mm/km, results of the adjustment): --A-posteriori standard 0.889 kgal * mm, deviation referred to a levelling distance of 1 km (based on actual misclosures): --The mean value of the standard 1.11 kgal * mm, deviation of the adjusted geopotential differences: --The mean value of the 8.18 kgal * mm, standard deviation of the adjusted geopotential heights: --The greatest value of the 12.47 kgal * mm, standard deviation of the adjusted geopotential heights: --The average redundancy: 0.008.
1986 'Tropical--extratropical geopotential height teleconnections during the northern hemisphere winter' Monthly Weather Review 114, 2488-2515
The dashed line indicates the location of the cross sections in (a) and (b) and thin black lines are geopotential heights. The darkest red indicates areas of ozone concentrations greater than 60 ppbv.
Caption: Figure 7: 500 mb geopotential heights for Case Study 1 (a); 500-hPa geopotential height (m) from the NARR dataset for Case Study 2 (b); 500-hPa geopotential height (m) from the NARR dataset for Case Study 3 (c).
Morata, "Wintertime connections between extreme wind patterns in Spain and large-scale geopotential height field," Atmospheric Research, vol.
The data spans from 1979 to present, with spatial resolution 1.25[degrees] x 1.25[degrees], and the meteorological elements used are geopotential height, vertical velocity, horizontal wind field, and specific humidity.
Geopotential height (dam) at 500 hPa in the Northern Hemisphere at 0000 UTC 25 Feb 2018.
To assess intraseasonal extratropical forecast skill, weekly averaged 500-hPa geopotential height anomalies were verified in the Pacific-North American (PNA) region, an area particularly impacted by waves excited by active MJO convection (Mori and Watanabe 2008).
Besides, Lord and Petersen [31] used a combination of minimum geopotential height, minimum wind speed, and maximum relative vorticity at 850 hPa to detect TC center.
The accompanying geopotential height anomalies in the upper troposphere consisted of widespread warming in the tropics and much of the midlatitudes, a reflection of global SST warming trends during recent decades (e.g., Schubert et al.