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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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While CTR proposals have focused on various countries in the past, modern geopolitics dictates a special urgency for a.
In this sense, to explain the violence in the youth requires an analysis based on geopolitics of each area that considers the social determinants of urban and human well-being, as well as a systemic and coordinated mapping of educational service networks, public and environmental security and safety, health, food, housing, culture, sport, leisure and other rights attached to the common good.
Similarly Samuel Huntington's academic projection of an impending clash between Islam and the West seems to have become frozen into a geopolitic inevitability in the imagination of some "serious" thinkers in Washington who have begun crafting policy almost perversely bent on accelerating, rather than avoiding, that clash.
Robert Olson, "The Kurdish Question and Geopolitic and Geostrategic Changes in the Middle East alter the Gulf War," Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, 17 (4) 1994, p.
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Incorporation, to recall the term Thoreau uses and the point he makes in his description of Enfield, does not necessarily mean that a territory has become a fully functioning organ of the body geopolitic (please excuse the neologism).
The problem with NATO acting in Yugoslavia as an agent of `militaristic humanism' or even `militaristic pacifism' (Ulrich Beck) is not that this term is an Orwellian oxymoron (reminding us of `Peace is War' slogans from his 1984); neither is it that, obviously, the targets of bombardment are not chosen out of pure moral consideration, but selectively, depending on unadmitted geopolitic and economic strategic interests (the obvious Marxist-style criticism).
36-44; "The Kurdish Question and the Kurdish Problem: Some Geopolitic and Geostrategic Comparisons," Peuples Mediterraneens no.
Turkey should not delay (nuclear) energy investments in order to strengthen its economic and geopolitic influence in its region," Birol said.
Programul lor politic si geopolitic era axat pe un anticomunism ardent si o intransigenta sustinere a extinderii globale a democratiei.
Turkey and Brazil had similar foreign policies although they were situated in different geographical and geopolitic locations, Amorim said.
La un moment dat, Romania si-a orientat politica externa catre zona Marii Negre prin revigorarea legaturilor economice bilaterale si ale relatiilor politice cu statele din perimetrul geopolitic si geostrategic al acesteia.
Davutoglu underlined Turkey's geopolitic importance, and Turkey's foreign policy contributed to the shaping of the world.