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the branch of philology that is devoted to the study of dialects

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The expansion of dialeclogical and geolinguistic studies in Brazil is undeniable, and there is a long way of investigation ahead.
Still, for the practice of dialectology, the emergence of classic patterns of linguistic differentiation, clustering and patterned geolinguistic gradation are firm signs of accurate retrieval of data even from such scattered "mohican" informants.
The third chapter takes the geolinguistics of the Western Cape as point in case so as to supply a sub-regional resolution.
Finally, the fourth chapter focuses on the metropolitan geolinguistics of the metropolitan Cape Town, thus providing an urbanised resolution.
As a result, the historical diffusion of linguistic innovations would have been not only a question of physical distance, like the wave-model proposes, but also, like modern geolinguistics assumes, aspects like population size and its spatial distribution (concentration and dispersion), as well as the demographic and functional roles of urban centres and their respective interaction (communication networking), may help to understand why two given localities in the past shared or not certain linguistic features, or why a given innovation appeared and spread to a centre C from a centre B rather than from centre A (Hernandez Campoy 1999a: 149-150; 1999b: 7-11) (2).
Geolinguistics has enriched this model in two directions.
Journal of the American Society of Geolinguistics 14, 54-76.
To mention some famous instances: Buffon's Histoire naturelle, Montesquieu's postulation of the climatic and hence physiological origins of law in L'Esprit des lois, and Rousseau's related geolinguistics, differentiating languages of northern and southern Europe, in his Essai sur l'origine des langues.
The following talk was presented at the international conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the American Society for Geolinguistics at New York University on April 20 1985
He has written extensively on language and is president of the American Society of Geolinguistics.
Remembering the hysteria that followed the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl halftime last year, read about the underlying attitudes that result in our various forms of cultural taboos in Allen Walker Read's "The Geolinguistics of Verbal Taboo.
In January 1970 his topic was "The Geolinguistics of Verbal Taboo.
THE WORD geolinguistics may not be very familiar to a number of you in this audience and perhaps I should preface my remarks with a few words about this field.
The division of labor in the field of linguistics has resulted in special names like sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, geolinguistics, and others--until one begins to wonder about the boundaries of linguistics itself.