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In 1997, David DiBiase at Penn State University created a GE-level GIS&T course called GEOG 160: Mapping Our Changing World.
GEOG 160 is one example of how GIS&T can be transformed into a core GE offering.
However, the early literature and our experience with GEOG 207W suggest that social and communicative technologies like blogs may play a significant role in changing the dynamics of higher education courses.
TABLE 4 Ordered Probit Regression Results on 681 Insurers, 1991-1992, across Three Levels of Audit Firm Type Predicted Estimated Coefficients Independent Sign Coefficient Variables [Standard Error] Board Composition [[Beta].sub.1] OUTBD + .0039(**) [.0019] Control Variables [[Beta].sub.2] MUTUAL + -.1282 [.1103] [[Beta].sub.3] SIZE + .3325(***) [.0404] [[Beta].sub.4] GEOG + .0711(*) [.0512] [[Beta].sub.5] HINDEX ?
TABLE 5 Logit Regression Results on 681 Insurers, 1991-1992, across Audit Firm Type Estimated Coefficients [Standard Errors] (A) Across Nonspecialist Big 6 (n = 99) and Specialist Independent Predicted Big 6 Coefficients Variables Sign (n = 355) Board Composition [[Beta].sub.1] OUTBD + .0113(***) [.0043] Control Variables [[Beta].sub.2] MUTUAL + .1560 [.2901] [[Beta].sub.3] SIZE + .1339(*) [.0947] [[Beta].sub.4] GEOG + -.2362(**) [.1107] [[Beta].sub.5] HINDEX ?
For groups of ten or more, contact Liz Brown in advance at
These geographic skills have been taught principally at the University of North Dakota in the past in GEOG 319 (Geography for Teachers), a two-credit course for elementary school, middle school, and high school pre-service educators, but since 2000, a three-credit course, GEOG 419 (Methods and Materials of Geographic Education) has been available which focuses upon secondary education.
The enrollment in GEOG 419 is limited to maximize one-on-one learning, so the pool of participants was only one dozen undergraduates.
However, based upon increasingly negative anecdotal evidence at the University of North Dakota in the late 1990s in the basic human geography course (GEOG 151), there became a need to reconsider whether or not some, if not most, students require remedial education in map reading and interpretation plus, if so, how best to help those undergraduates learn basic map reading and interpretation most successfully.
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