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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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He also said geo-politics will continue to impact the oil market in 2018.
23 ( ANI ): The recent unequivocal India outreach stand of the United States to maintain balance in the geo-politics should have more economic thrust and content to ensure sustained positive policy architecture in the Asia Pacific, according to Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC).
But it has far more to do with the geo-politics of football and Qatar's role than it does with a kid from Brazil trying to do the best for himself.
Actually, both Koreas should watch out, as observers suggest his grasp of foreign affairs and world geo-politics beyond Trump Tower is shaky.
But we must take this as an opportunity to begin moving our economy out of an up-and-down cycle tied to local and geo-politics as closely as GCC economies are tethered to oil prices.
New Zealand should brace itself for the strains that climate change, more aggressive geo-politics, social disruption and increasing economic stresses will inevitably deliver.
In short, the Arabs, Turks and other members of the Saudi-led Sunni front in the OIC (the 57-state Organisation of Islamic Co-operation in which Iran's Safawi theocracy is the only Shi'ite member - with this being the world's largest grouping of nations next to the UN) have formed a geo-strategic alliance covering all the five elements of the Muslim society: the race, the sect, the ideology, geo-politics and natural resources.
Natural gas pipelines for export in the energy-rich Greater Middle East (GME), as in the rest of the world, involve more geo-politics than the money they cost to build and maintain.
Muslim countries like Iran have pursued foreign policies dominated by geo-politics and not religion.
Three years into his role as bishop, Kato finds himself fighting for the very heart of his church which has been torn apart by geo-politics, political ideology and now nationalism.
Earlier, initiating the discussion, PIPS shared that Pakistan needs to review Afghanistan relations in the wake of changing geo-politics, which entails an increasing involvement of China in Afghanistan as well as Iran opening with the west, thereby increasing Afghanistan set of choices.
I do not mean only the internal and traditional powers-that-be, I also refer to the major players of geo-politics.
We'll ride, we'll laugh, we'll snap a few selfies, talk about our favourite albums, geo-politics, and I'll tell you what it's like to suffer a facial fracture involving the orbit of your eye, and having your elbow redone in titanium.
The results demonstrate the consistent solid operating performance of the group in its local and regional contexts amid the headwinds stemming from economic, exchange rates & geo-politics volatilities.
He argued that these institution would be rendered irrelevant if they are not able to adapt to the changing realities and the geo-politics.