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Synonyms for gentlemanly

Synonyms for gentlemanly

befitting a man of good breeding

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But men needed more than gentlemanliness to attract a girl and maintain a relationship.
Another simultaneous appeal to and demonstration of (alleged) genius, this footnote conflates disinterestedness with inexperience, moral scrupulousness with self-aggrandizement, and modern middle-class notions of gentlemanliness with outmoded and even rakish standards of gentility, all while deferring the narrative exposure of Darian and Viridor as the prime movers behind the strike.
The true Richard Harding Davis, the expression of gentlemanliness of heart which one remembered as his characteristic, came out in the climax where the derelict sees the man he had made being dined and celebrated and would not spoil the party.
Characters read letters and extrapolate the writer's sensibility from their style and grammar; they read poems and decode riddles, imputing intentions to texts that are anything but clear in intention; they analyze handwriting as a sign of gentlemanliness or effeminacy.
Blaming coeducation for the extinction of chivalry, gentlemanliness, and Southern honor was another common refrain.
Mariana even says that Enrique only got away with it because he was so handsome, and because he was generally regarded as the embodiment of gentlemanliness ("por excelencia le llamaban el Caballero"), whereas his rival was utterly cruel (17.
1) According to Country Life, the notion of the gentleman is still alive and well in British society but needs more publicity --and Praseeda Gopinath's 2013 book Scarecrows of Chivalry: English Masculinities after Empire, dedicated to twentieth- and twenty-first-century manifestations of gentlemanliness in British literature, is thus a timely contribution to the debate.
Winton's willingness to attest to Davenport's gentlemanliness on the basis of his appearance is curious given the actor's brief time in St.
The investigating officer highlighted several witness statements that "best expressed the lack of officership and gentlemanliness on Maj.
These characteristics are closely linked to contemporary ideals of gentlemanliness.
Historians need to be careful not to conflate the very real social and cultural distinctions that differentiated aristocratic and bourgeois ideas of masculinity and gentlemanliness.
Part of it was due to Clarke's own gentlemanliness on the field and his emphasis on performances, not words.
Having (o)uttered the word, other images that jumped to mind included old fashioned gentlemanliness, the rescue of a fragile woman (the damsel in distress) and courteously pulling out of chairs and holding of doors.
See also ABBOTT, supra note 8, at 137 (describing the professional strategy of "drawing power from without" though "alliance with a particular social class, a strategy usually preferred by elite professions": "In such a case, a profession draws both its recruits and its clients from the upper classes, locates its training in the elite universities or similar settings, and affects an ethic of stringent gentlemanliness.
His interest in these characters lies in staging the performance of a gentlemanliness beneath which the darkest secrets are harbored in a manner that renders them alluring and often sympathetic" (128).