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United States heavyweight boxing champion (1866-1933)

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By the time Hayward came to Oregon to coach, he'd traveled with the boxer, Gentleman Jim Corbett, prior to his knockout of John L.
Tuesday night and it's gentleman Jim Beglin at Old Trafford.
Ron continued, "Jim was a very nice, quiet man and folks called him gentleman Jim Pickering.
Three more reasons, if the Clippers stupidly decide DJ ain't the right fit, Gentleman Jim Harrick of all people could come to the coaching rescue:
Y a que Gentleman Jim --como apodaban al retador-- se enfrento al heroico-bebedor Sullivan, el ultimo de los monarcas de los nudillos desnudos.
The films included are Adventures of Don Juan, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Dawn Patrol, Dive Bomber and Gentleman Jim.
Gentleman Jim only piped up like a Wurlitzer when under-fire managers dared to hector an assembly of scribes, scowling: "What do you lot know about football, anyway?
As fellow bare-knuckle champ Gentleman Jim Corbett pointed out: "Mitchell had the most confounded way of getting people's goats and disturbing them mentally.
Bryony Hill, the wife of Jimmy Hill, has written a heart-warming book about her life with JH entitled My Gentleman Jim - A Love Story.
In which sport was Gentleman Jim Corbett an early champion?
Russell can get off the mark with Gentleman Jim in the opener.
Gentleman Jim is hoping to score with the answer to a football teaser: "Excluding the war years, which three years were Sunderland unbeaten in the FA Cup?
Known as Gentleman Jim, thousands turned out for his execution.
Also on this day: 1649: Oliver Cromwell declared England to be a Commonwealth abolishing the position of King; 1776: George Washington forced British troops to withdraw from Boston; 1845: Elastic bands were patented by Stephen Perry's London rubber company; 1897: Bob Fitzsimmons of Cornwall became the only British boxer to win the world heavyweight title when he defeated Gentleman Jim Corbett at Carson, Nevada; 1921: First birth control clinic opened in London; 1938: Birth of Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev; 1978: The Amoco Cadiz oil tanker ran aground on the Brittany coast.
Middleweight titleholder Bob Fitzimmons knocked out Gentleman Jim Corbett in the 14th round to become the world heavyweight champion on March 17, 1897.