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Italian composer of operas (1801-1835)

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In the resulting atmosphere of detente, the Turks sent a delegation to Venice and Mehmet asked for the services of a "good painter." Gentile Bellini was the most prominent official artist in Venice at the time, having recently been commissioned to paint the large canvases that would decorate the Council Chamber in the Doge's Palace.
He also invited the kings of Italy to send artists, which resulted in the fascinating multicultural document of Gentile Bellini's portrait of him, painted in 1480, and now lent by the National Gallery.
The son of the artist Iacopo Bellini (c1400 - 1470) both he and his brother Gentile Bellini (c1427 - 1507) were strongly influenced by their father's work and also by their brother - in - law, the painter Andrea Mantegna, during their early years at Padua.
Over the past 15 years, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum--one of the most astounding of American house museums--has organised a series of focused exhibitions, often centring on lesser known Italian artists or on aspects of their lives: among them Cosme Tura (2002); Raphael, Cellini and Bindo Altoviti (2003-04); and Gentile Bellini (2005-06).
The focus here is on the activities of Gentile Bellini, who serves as a kind of paradigm for the interconnecting, multilayered interests on both sides.
The Venetian school founded by the Bellini family owed its early inspiration to his work, for he was the brother - in - law of Giovanni and Gentile Bellini. Among the many artistic tragedies of World War II was the partial destruction of Mantegna 's series of paintings The Martyrdom of St.
Works in every category did well as its top four lots testify--they ranged from an illuminated Arabic Qur'an from 13th-century Mesopotamia and a Fatimid rock-crystal molar flask from 11th-century Egypt to a portrait of Sultan Mebmed II by a follower of Gentile Bellini painted in the early 16th century and the recently rediscovered talwar sword of Shah Jahan, of 1637-38 (Fig.
"Renaissance Hieroglyphic Studies and Gentile Bellini's Saint Mark Preaching in Alexandria." In Hermeticism and the Renaissance, ed., Ingrid Merkel and Allen Debus, 343-65.
The windows of the Procuratie Vecchie filled with women in Gentile Bellini's famous painting of the Procession of Corpus Christi in Piazza San Marco of 1496 (Venice, Accademia) offer a case in point.
And I have not even made reference to art work for collectivities, such as the large religious confraternities (scuole) in Venice, which stood behind many of the masterpieces of Venetian painting, where Gentile Bellini, Carpaccio, Tintoretto, and others met the programs and wishes of organized groups.