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low-growing alpine plant cultivated for its dark glossy green leaves in basal rosettes and showy solitary bell-shaped blue flowers

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There are also 35 genera and 244 species in Carabaya not registered for Bolivia, the largest of these differences are present in genera such as Senecio (with 15 species), Nototriche (13), Valeriana, Calamagrostis and Gentianella (with 9 species each), Poa (7), Xenophyllum (6), Lupinus, Neobartsia and Pycnophyllum (with 5 species each).
Phenology, seed development, and reproductive success of an alpine population of Gentianella germanica in climatically varying years.
Other well documented high Andean radiations such as Gentianella Moench, Lupinus L., and Valeriana L.
Additionally, three species, e.g., Asclepias exaltata, Gentianella quinquefolia, and Silphium integrifolium, which were not found during the current study but had been documented previously with photography, are included in the list.
Radioprotective Properties of the Phytochemi- cally Characterized Extracts of Crataegus monogyna, Cornus mas and Gentianella austriaca on Human Lymphocytes in vitro.
Obolaria and Gentiana were the closest genera to Swertia, which is paraphyletic including Halenia, Comastoma, Gentianella, and Lomatogonium.
RAPD variation in relation to population size and plant fitness in the rare Gentianella germanica (Gentianaceae).
Las especies endemicas ecuatorianas que estan en el paramo son alrededor de 270; Gentianella (Gentianaceae), Epidendrum (Orchidaceae), Lysipomia (Campanulaceae), Draba (Brassicaceae) y Lepanthes (Orchidaceae), son los cinco generos mas ricos en especies endemicas ecuatorianas (Leon- Yanez, 2000).
Corydalis sempervirens 2.6 Empetrum nigrum 55.3 2.6 Chamerion angustifolium 2.6 78.9 Epilobium palustre Equisetum arvense 15.8 76.3 Equisetum pratense 2.6 2.6 Equisetum scirpoides 97.4 100 Eriophorum brachyantherum 23.7 18.4 Festuca rubra Gentianella propinqua Geocaulon lividum 2.6 Platanthera obtusata Hedysarum alpinum Juncus castaneus Larix laricina 36.8 5.3 Ledum groenlandicum 97.4 60.5 Linnaea borealis Amerorchis rotundifolia 2.6 5.3 Parnassia palustris 2.6 Pedicularis labradorica 2.6 Pedicularis sudetica Picea glauca Picea mariana 28.9 39.5 Poa palustris Populus tremuloides Potentilla fruticosa 55.3 60.5 Pyrola asarifolia 7.9 Rhinanthus minor Ribes hudsonianum 2.6 Rosa acicularis 18.4 18.4 Rubus arcticus spp.
field herb Gentianella germanica (Willd.) Borner field herb Heterotheca latifolia Buckl.
In an experimental study of the compensation capacity of a grassland biennial herb, the field gentian Gentianella campestris (L) Borner (Gentianaceae), we found five populations in which clipped plants produced more fruits and seeds than did unclipped control plants (Lennartsson et al.