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Caffcinc inheritance in interspecific hybrids of Coffea arabica x Coffea canephora (Gentianales, Rubiaceac).
esculentum Gentianales Apocynaceae Acokanthera (Hochstetter) oblongifolia Codd Apiales Apiaceae Petroselinum sativum Hoffm.
(2002) is (Gentianales (Vahliaceae Boraginaceae) (Lamiales Solanales including Convolvulaceae)) but in our analysis is ((Convolvulaceae Boraginaceae) Lamiales) (Vahliaceae (Solanales Gentianales)).
This alkaloid is present in members of the Magnoliid clade (Canellales, Piperales, Laurales, and Magnoliales), with many representatives in the Magnoliales (143 Annonaceae and 35 Magnoliaceae species), as well as in phylogenetically distant Angiosperms (Alismatales, Rosales, Sapindales, Malvales, and Gentianales).
nanus were also reported in many other plants of the families Anacardiaceae (Sapindales), Aquifoliaceae (Aquifoliales), Euphorbiaceae (Malpighiales), Fabaceae (Fabales), Combretaceae, Lythraceae, Myrtaceae (Myrtales), and Rubiaceae (Gentianales) (Veloso 1951; Silva et al.
Orbicule characters are systematically analysed in several taxa of Gentianales such as Gentianaceae (Vinckier & Smets, 2003), Apocynaceae s.l.
Gentianales. Gentianales have largely polysymmetric flowers but most families have one or few monosymmetric taxa.
Asymmetry based on modification of elaborate monosymmetry is present in some monocots (among Asparagales, Commelinales, and Zingiberales), some rosids (among Myrtales, and Fabales), and some asterids (among Lamiales, Asterales, and Dipsacales), and asymmetry by different anther height in otherwise polysymmetric, tubular flowers appears restricted to asterids (some Ericales, Gentianales, and Solanales).
capitata showing a predominance of 89.18%, 2 varieties of coffee (Coffea arabica L.; Gentianales: Rubiaceae) presented high rates of infestation, namely, 163.89 and 133.17 puparia per kg in shade-grown and sun-cultivated plantations of Catuai Amarelo coffee, respectively, and 112.79 puparia per kg in sun-cultivated Novo Mundo coffee (Torres et al.
Presencia de Fraxinus excelsior Linne (Oleaceae, Gentianales) en el Mioceno superior de la depresion Ceretana; implicaciones tafonomicas y paleoecologicas.
fumipennis became active after the foliage had flushed in the native trees and woody shrubs, and observations in 2014 and 2015 indicated activity overlapped with the blooming of the mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin Durazz.; Fabales: Fabaceae) and Gardenia (Gentianales: Rubiaceae) bush, information that could aid in the timing of searches for C.