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Fabaceae Lupinus pickeringii A.Gray A x x x Fabaceae Trifolium amabile Kunth H x x Fabaceae Vicia andicola Kunth H x Gentianaceae Gentiana sedifolia Kunth H x x x Gentianaceae Halenia caespitosa Gilg H x NR Geraniaceae Erodium cicutarium (L.) H x x L'Her.
Herbal tonic two was a digestive herbal combination of Gentiana luteum and Zingiber officanale provided in combination with slippery elm separately with the aim of supporting and regulating gastrointestinal function.
Changes of secondary metabolites and trace elements in Gentiana macrophylla Flowers: A potential medicine plant part.
Gentiana rigescens Franch (Gentianaceae) (see Supplementary Material available online at 2017/3194146) which is cultivated in the Yunnan Province of China has been known as a famous medicinal plant for thousands of years [12].
Pre-clinic toxicological study of a phytotherapic containing Gentiana lutea, Rheum palmatum, Aloe ferox, Cynara scolymus, Atropa belladona, Peumus boldus e Baccharis trimera in New Zealand rabbits.
Methanol extract of Gentiana kurroo Royle (Gentianaceae) roots was screened by [29] and declared this important and omnipresent medicinal plant of Kashmir Himalaya to possess several bioactive metabolites and nociceptive activity.
Quantitative analysis of iridoids, secoiridoids, xanthones and xanthone glycosides in Gentiana lutea L.
(root), Cassia brewsteri (root), the root of Stephania tetrandra (root), Gentiana scabra Bunge (root), carthamus tinctorius Linne (seed), Saussurea lappa (root), and Schisandra chinensis (fruit).
Evaluation of antioxidant and antibacterial activity of methanol extracts of Gentiana kurroo royle.
& Bonpl., Draba aretoides Kunth, Gentiana sedifolia Kunth, Rubus glabratus Kunth, Sida pichinchensis Bonpl., Swertia asclepiadea Kunth, Tradescantia hirsuta Kunth y Werneria rigida Kunth) ponen de manifiesto el uso generalizado del Nova genera et species plantarum ...
(iv) The Ldkosdr meadow site extends to a shallow karstic depression with mosaics of short (Festuca rupicola, Brachypodium pinnatum) and tall grass (Calamagrostis arundinacea) vegetation, rich in lower (Trifolium spp., Thymus spp., Hippocrepis comosa, Coronilla varia, Gentiana cruciata, Helianthemum ovatum) and tall (Cirsium pannonicum, Centaurea scabiosa, Seseli libanotis, Peucedanum cervaria) forbs.