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Synonyms for genotype

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism

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VDR Fok-I genotype frequency was obtained for the control population.
Estimation of the genotype frequency distribution showed that the CK-MM AG genotype frequencies in Iranian population (professional, amateur karate athletes and control subjects) were significantly higher than AA and GG genotypes, significantly; while the frequency of AA genotype was more than GG genotype, too.
We have observed significant difference in the genotype frequency compared to other populations.
Hepatitis C virus genotype frequency in Isfahan province of Iran: a descriptive cross-sectional study.
As shown in Table 1, similar results were found when the analysis was stratified by gender; neither the allele frequency nor the genotype frequency were significantly different between male cases and controls or between female cases and controls.
The genotype frequency distributions of all three polymorphic SNPs were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
Of the 54 CNDs identified above, the 10 predicted to have the most informative 0-copy genotype frequency ranking were selected as an initial panel for in vitro assessments (Table 1) (also see online Supplemental Table 5).
The genotype frequency in the case group (CC 27%, CT 47%, TT 26%) was significantly (P=0.
IM genotype frequency was high (51%) in the Turkman ethnic group.
Genotype and allelotype GSTP1 frequency in CAD patients and controls CAD Control patients n (%) n (%) p-value Genotype frequency 0.
Although Glu/Glu genotype frequency was higher in T1D patients than in controls, however, this did not reach statistical significance (p= 0.
The observed genotype frequency among the tea garden community and the indigenous Assamese community were in agreement with the frequencies predicted by the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium ([chi square]= 0.
No genotype frequency differences were found between males and females (p=0.
Interestingly, the CC genotype frequency of the male asymptomatic participants of the ACL study was distinctly lower than the CC genotype frequencies of the asymptomatic control cohorts in which the CC genotype was over-represented.