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0.278 Daphne 0.709 Ilex 0.507 Genista 0.404 Pinus 0.308 S2-S3 IndVal G2-G3 IndVal Acer campestre L.
The broom, or planta genista was the symbol of the royal house of the Plantagenets.
D: dominante, S: secundario, I: menor importancia, T: traza y "+": presente, Ambrosia arborescens, Bac.sp: Baccharis sp., Bra.sp: Brassica sp., Bra: Brassicaceae, Col.sp: Colletia spinosissima, Esc.sp: Escallonia sp., Euc.sp: Eucalyptus sp., Lup.sp: Lupinus sp., Med.sp: Medicago sp., Prunus serotina, Sen.sp: Senecio sp., Genista monspessulana, Tri.sp: Trifolium sp., Vic.sp: Vicia sp.
Asimismo, existen pequenas plantaciones del arbol de papel (Polylepys sp.) y del arbusto Genista monspessulana, leguminosa introducida de Europa y usada entre 2700 y 3200 m de altitud en Carchi y en Narino (Colombia), como cerca viva por su caracter ornamental.
Poco affidabile appare anche la traduzione di "ginestra" con "broom", che ha un uso piu comune come "scopa" del termine scientifico "gorse" o "genista" in inglese.
Otro taxon identificado a nivel de familia en las angiospermas son las leguminosas--Leguminosae-- o fabaceas--Fabaceae--que comprenden generos como Ulex, Genista, Cytisus o Spartium.
Natural vegetation consists predominantly of Mediterranean forest with oak (Quercus ilex) and cork oak trees (Quercus suber) along with various species of shrubs (including genus Cistus, Erica, Genista, Pistacia, Arbutus, Phyllirea), and 35.83% of the area is covered by pure plantations of coniferous species (Fig.
He is clutching a broom plant to leave inside the cathedral because its Latin name is Planta genista - and it was an emblem of the Plantagenet kings.
He had brought a sprig of the broom plant to place inside the cathedral - its name in old French is planta genista, referencing Richard's Plantagenet lineage.
Bridesmaids wore Alfred Sung knee-length gowns in "fresh" and carried bouquets of pale pink hydrangeas, white spray roses, white genista, and white lisianthus tied with white satin ribbon.
The following species were used to study the chemical composition on the black soil: Stipa pennata L., Inula hirta L., Galium ruthenicum Willd., Fragaria viridis (Duch.) Weston, Genista tinctoria (L.) Maxim., on the meadow solonetz--Filipendula ulmaria Juss, Artemisia pontica L., Festuca sulcata (Hack.) Nym., Artemisia nitrosa Web., Plantago cornuti Gouan, Galatella biflora (L.) Nees.
Liquid chromatography-diode array detection-electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry/nuclear magnetic resonance analyses of the anti-hyperglycemic flavonoid extract of Genista tenera: structure elucidation of a flavonoid-C-glycoside.