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Synonyms for Genevan

a native or resident of Geneva

an adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin


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The Genevan reformer, argues Richard Stauffer, is as little appreciated among some Protestants as among his Catholic antagonists.
These were Colonel Alfred Odier, who worked for the Swiss general staff; the lawyer Jacques Le Fort, a leader of the Genevan protestant church; the banker Rene Hentsch, vice-president of the International Chamber of Commerce; the diplomat and historian Lucien Cramer; Divisional Colonel Guillaume Favre; and the former Swiss minister in Rome, Georges Wagniere.
On the contrary, Lock was faced with the fact that the queen had recently rejected Calvin's dedication to her of a volume of Latin commentaries on Isaiah and had expressed irritation with Calvin and the literary activities of the Genevan exiles.
Later, when the harm reduction theme came up in the Genevan cantonal Parliament, potential opponents could not capitalize on it because they did not have the legitimacy to argue with these coordinated specialists.
This nonetheless would have contrasted with the clear assurances extended in Genevan liturgy, and here Karant-Nunn might profitably have compared different elements of church life, in ways indicated in the introduction.
and with its own private road outside, this Genevan landmark is a must-stay.
While there, Tremellius published his first proselytizing work, Sefer Hinukh behirei Yah, a translation of the Genevan Catechism into Hebrew.
A spire of water blasting into the air from the lake beneath Genevan scenery is fantastic, with the beautiful lake fed by the River Rhone forming a backdrop also featuring snow-capped mountains, even in the summer.
As the title implies, what we know as a poem was written as a solemn song, sung to the tune of an old Genevan Psalter hymn written in 1551.
Also, although Calvin had definite views on church structure, he did not insist that churches in Poland or England should give up episcopacy or adopt Genevan liturgy (Prestwich 2).
As the loyal guardian of an unbroken Genevan watchmaking tradition since 1755, Vacheron Constantin has an exceptional heritage that represents an inexhaustible source of inspiration for its contemporary creations such as this new Malte model.
Rebuilt and extended over the centuries by the Tavel family and subsequent owners, it contains many archaeological finds and decorative objects salvaged from other Genevan buildings from the 15th to 18th centuries.
The work advocated the free use of excommunication and the imposition of a puritan moral discipline throughout Genevan society.
This Genevan episode in Mises's life came to an end with the German victories of early 1940.
Certainly, the Genevan educator was far from averse to risk-taking, whether jeopardizing his academic reputation with petulant comic books or attempting to make a break into the French literary scene while launching a multifrontal assault on its reigning figure.