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Keywords: Tongue rollers complex trait genetic traits.
A genetic trait that causes people to lack the protein protects most Africans against this kind of malaria.
To keep the discussion simple, let us suppose that these genetic traits each vary along a ratio scale.
Nabhan takes the reader to the cliffs of Sardinia, where fava beans help ward off malaria due to a genetic trait in the ethnic population; the highlights of Crete where the native's olive-oil-soaked diets are healthy for their bodies, but not for western visitors; as well as the American Southwest and neotropical Mexico where fiery chile peppers help kill meat-spoiling microbes so prevalent in desert and tropical climates.
Now a triple genetic trait cotton is on the commercial cards for South Africa if an application to grow the plant by the US biotech company, Monsanto, is approved--but the venture is facing stiff opposition.
The Moken may learn to do this due to their extensive use of their eyes in water," the researchers concluded; the ability may have become a genetic trait over time.
The condition is a genetic trait, or inherited characteristic passed down from Twinkle Toes' mother, who has 21 toes
Although a positive step, Shand says, every major seed company has done research on seed sterility and genetic trait control, an equally alarming technology that enables genetic traits to be switched on and off with the application of company chemicals.
In traditional genetics, scientists selected a genetic trait, such as resistance to a particular disease, then began a search that sometimes took years for the particular gene that caused, or coded, for that trait.
Many scientists now believe that alcoholism is at least partially a genetic trait and that some people are born with a predisposition toward becoming alcoholic.
Bouya and his friends are not albino, but leucistic - a rare genetic trait that reduces skin pigmentation and because of their colour they wouldn't survive in the wild.
Today, such vital genetic trait information is the basis formatings to improve the next generation of U.
Coverage includes mapping, characterization and deployment of quantitative genetic trait loci; marker assisted breeding; genomic colinearity and its application in crop plant improvement; plant genetic engineering; plant germplasm collections as sources of useful genes; the impact of plant genomics on maize improvement; plant genomics and its impact on wheat breeding; and genomics and molecular breeding for root and tuber crop improvement.
Studying a group of 250 women over age 45 who'd conceived naturally, the researchers identified a genetic trait common to some of the women.
A genetic trait like impulsivity combined with environmental risk factors--exposure to street violence or peer pressure from gangs, for example--might increase the chance of someone becoming violent.