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French diplomat who in 1793 tried to draw the United States into the war between France and England (1763-1834)

French writer of novels and dramas for the theater of the absurd (1910-1986)


agile Old World viverrine having a spotted coat and long ringed tail

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Genet - who leaves behind a 21-year-old daughter - was walking to her job as a cleaner at Primark in Broadgate, at the time of her death.
A week later, police returned to the spot where Genet was found dead after falling from a footbridge onto the ring road, near the Canal Basin.
Genet - a 41-year-old Eritrean national - was walking to her job as a cleaner in Primark, in Broadgate, at the time of her death.
Designed specifically to meet the needs of a high-throughput microarray facility, the GeNet SampleLoader is highly customizable, allowing automated loading of vast amounts of data.
THE detective leading the investigation into the death of Genet Kidane has appealed to an off-duty nurse who attempted to save the life of the mother-of-one.
Genet Kidane, aged 41, was killed when she fell from a footbridge near the Canal Basin on Wednesday morning as she walked to work.
Jean Genet queried what remained of a "Rembrandt torn into four equal pieces and flushed down the toilet?
Both impulses are at work in Poison, his 1991 meditation on (among other things) Jean Genet and AIDS prejudice.
Jean Genet got at a similar representational failure when he wrote that "the space between the words contains more reality than does the time it takes to read them.
His subjects resemble the kind of young toughs, hoodlums, and hustlers Jean Genet would have slavered over.
The enterprise software GeNet, in conjunction with GeneSpring(TM), provides companies with an integrated gene expression informatics solution.
GeNet will allow researchers at Exelixis to share, store and retrieve experimental data and annotated results from gene expression experiments.
I'm all for waste and failure, really, I love trash and moldy wonders, but how radical and outlaw is it to find a "scatological aesthetic," and an esthetic of failure, in the work of Genet and Samuel Beckett, Bersani's exemplars, two of the most internationally famous and awarded figures in the arts of the 20th century?
Genet went on to say, "The relationships we've struck with major processors allows us to migrate merchants, who exceed the $1,500 per month volume threshold, into traditional merchant products, staying in the revenue stream for the entire lifecycle of the merchant, with zero disruption in service to the merchant.
Now not only is it easier for their e-commerce merchants to accept payment, it also gives EarthLink subscribers the peace of mind that they're not giving out their credit card over the Internet and that their data is safe," said Jason Genet, executive vice president and COO for ConSyGen, Inc.