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1st President of the United States

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El general Washington sabia que la inteligencia britanica habia colocado espias entre sus milicianos, asi que ideo una estrategia de espionaje y contraespionaje filtrando informes falsos sobre sus planes de ataque, en tanto no tuviera noticias de la mision que Benjamin Franklin desempenaba en Paris como su enviado plenipotenciario para conseguir el apoyo militar frances.
Originally established by General Washington in 1777 as a military supply depot, starting in 1794, it became one of two official U.
The history of the Culper Ring places an entirely new perspective on the intelligence activity of the American rebels in general, and General Washington in particular.
32) On 1 January 1776, the first day of the new Continental Army, General Washington replaced the previous flag with the Union flag.
The above quote truly sets the stage of the dire situation that General Washington faced in the fall of 1776.
Cutts's sympathetic portrayal of her aunt's actions in the memoir states that "[h]er first thought was to save the public papers, and the Declaration of Independence, the second, to preserve the portrait of General Washington said to be by G.
But to their shock and chagrin, General Washington himself arrives, and in a 15-minute address changes the course of history.
General Washington left office in March, 1797, after he refused a third term.
They seek to expose both tyranny and tarnished examples of liberty: the bloodied, ill-fitting coat of General Washington, the "stained cheeks" and "weathered plumage" of Lady Liberty who wanders the streets of New York, the ghosts of Tiananmen Square, and the protesters in white shirts "on the other side of the world.
All of the British commanders in America tried to rally loyalist support, tried to goad the Fabian General Washington into a decisive battle, tried to conquer as much territory and as many major cities as possible--this latter with much success over the course of the war.
During the Revolutionary War, General Washington and his staff used three tents made for the commanders in 1776 by the Philadelphia upholsterer Plunkett Fleeson.
General Nathanael Greene and Brigadier General Hugh Mercer led their troops in the Battle of Trenton after crossing the Delaware at McKonkey's Ferry with General Washington, the morning of December 26, 1776.
In May 1863 Lee again proposed to proclaim peace, probably with an armistice, taking his army into the North for the 4th of July to the town where the Continental Congress had forged the first American Constitution in 1777 while General Washington was at Valley Forge.
You say that in taking General Washington on your shoulders, to bear him harmless through the federal coalition, you encounter a perilous topic.
do I believe they would have been so great had not many of the members cast their eyes towards General Washington as President; and shaped their Ideas of the Powers to be given to a President, by their opinions of his Virtue.