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In conclusion, we have shown that pCISH was highly conserved at the level of gene structure.
Each group has an identical gene structure (intron location and phase) (Fig.
This result suggested that most maize CLO genes shared highly conserved gene structure except for ZmCLO1 and ZmCLO4b (Fig.
Accurate gene structure prediction plays a fundamental role in functional annotation of genes.
The complete sequencing of the human genome has revealed many mysteries on how aberrations in gene structure and regulation contribute to disease.
Because identical twins start life with identical sets of genes, this analysis should reveal the alterations in gene structure related to the development of MS that may have been influenced by the environment.
Intragenic recombination between porin genes of the same allelic family is likely occurring in nature because mosaic gene structure has been reported in porB genes.
The authors begin with material suitable for students, including the molecular basis of inheritance in terms of genome organization, gene structure and regulation, transmission genetics, genetic markers, population genetics and quantitative genetics, genetic variation in natural populations, including variation within populations, geographic variation, evolutionary genetics and gene conservation, and tree improvement, including the structure and concepts of tree improvement programs, base populations, phenotypic mass selection, genetic testing, data analysis methods, deployment, and advanced-generation breeding stages.
The sequencing, begun in 2006, builds on work done by the Horse Genome Project, an international collaboration among scientists seeking to tackle horse health issues using genomics - the study of the relationship between gene structure and biological function.
What's more, the potato's revamped gene structure rebuffs acrylamides, allegedly potentially dangerous chemicals that studies suggest bond with sugars in fried foods.
This chapter takes nothing for granted by beginning with the basics of gene structure and expression--again, entirely appropriate in a graduate nutrition programme where basics from an undergraduate training need to be resurrected.
Her team will be studying enzyme activity and gene structure in around 300 people to determine if genetics are the reason for these variations, and whether they influence the effectiveness of cancer drugs in patients.
The team will now study activity and gene structure.
Klein said researchers are working under the hypothesis that prostate cancer might be a sexually transmitted disease, similar to cervical cancer, and that the main exposure to XMRV may occur during sexual activity, regardless of a person's gene structure.
The objective of this research was to characterize SACPD gene structure, determine the distribution of the SACPD genes in Glycine, and analyze SACPD expression levels in stages of seed development.