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Catch Species PIER Research DSBG research catch (%) EFP catch catch (2015-16) (2014-16) Swordfish 59 57.8% 611 Opah 8 7.8% 3 Bigeye thresher 23 22.5% 123 Common thresher 2 2.0% 0 Shortfin mako shark 2 2.0% 1 Gempylidae spp.
Diet of the oil fish Ruvettus pretiosus (Perciformes: Gempylidae) in the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago, Brazil.
Presencia de Ruvettus pretiosus (Gempylidae) no Caribe continental colombiano
The family Gempylidae, comprising 16 genera and 24 species, is associated with mesopelagic and benthopelagic environments.
Among the known Colombian species of the Gempylidae family, are: Prometichthys prometeus (Acero & Rueda, 1992), Diplospinnus multistriatus (Roa-Varon et al.
The snake mackerels Gempylidae are marine fishes that inhabit tropical and subtropical seas, often in very deep water (Nakamura, 1986, 1990; Nelson, 2006).
Snake mackerels and cutlassfishes of the world (families Gempylidae and Trichiuridae).
Gemfishes (Scombroidei, Gempylidae, Rexea) of New Caledonia, southwest Pacific Ocean, with description of a new species.
The most important prey taxa by percent biomass in the early morning were flyingfishes (54%), snake mackerel (Gempylidae, 18%), and epipelagic cephalopods (10%).
For the two size classes between 951 and 1250 mm, frigate and bullet tuna (Auxis spp.), snake mackerels (Gempylidae), and epipelagic cephalopods were dominant (Fig.
Our results were similar to theirs in that flyingfishes was the most important component of the diet, and in both studies snake mackerel (Gempylidae) were found in the stomachs.
The muscle tissue of the lancetfish consists mainly of white muscles that are responsible for short-term bursts of motion (Sharp and Pirages, 1978: Schmidt-Nielsen, 1979); and its body form allows it to make short impetuous rushing movements, characteristic of many predatory fishes with anguilliform bodies (Trichiuridae, some of the Gempylidae, Muraenidae, Anotopterus pharao, etc.).
+ Kyphosidae Kyphosus cinerascens + (Forsskal, 1775) Gempylidae Gempylus serpens Cuvier, 1829 + Ruvettus pretiosus Cocco, 1829 + Ephippididae Platax spp.