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counter tube that detects ionizing radiations

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Strolling through still-radioactive Fukushima with a microphone and a Geiger counter Sakamoto records many things.
In December Mirror Online reported that children are still using Geiger counters to test for deadly radiation levels at schools struck by theFukushima disaster.
He said: "The school had a geiger counter for science, so I took readings.
"The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other Stories" is an anthology of short stories showcasing an author with an impressive flair for originality and deftly crafted storytelling.
His work also incorporates a Geiger counter, barometer, four-inch black-and-white television screen and rotary telephone.
12.27 (290m): Parkmount Lady, Geiger Counter, Cover Black, Dunbar Survivor, Fabulous Boogie, Queenies Bubba.
Caption: Molecular Geiger counter The abundance of bits of genetic material called microRNAs fell or rose in mice blood after radiation exposure.
[USPRwire, Fri Feb 13 2015] Radiation Detection Monitoring & Safety Market for Nuclear Power Plants, Homeland Security & Defense, Manufacturing Industry (Geiger Counter, Scintillator, Dosimeter, Area Process, Survey Meter, Portal Monitors) - Trends & Global Forecasts to 2020
Readers will probably never visit the Exclusion Zone--and based on the descriptions of protective gear researchers wear in order to visit the site, they probably would not want to--but Johnson paints a picture so vivid, readers will probably light up a Geiger counter after reading it.
Jones says, "The strength of the signal, direction, name and security level on these are translated into an audio stream made up of a foreground and background layer: Distant signals click and pop like hits on a Geiger counter, while the strongest bleat their network ID in a looped melody,"
"You have to take a Geiger counter with you all the time and there are certain areas where you are still not allowed to go 28 years later because of the radiation.
The Geiger--ME-ller counter, also called a Geiger counter, is an instrument used for measuring ionizing radiation.
The LED-equipped indexer (which we wish were brighter) provides a flashing red output as the aircraft nears the stall AoA, while an audio output that resembles a Geiger counter sounds in the headset.