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type genus of Geastraceae

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Integrative taxonomy reveals an unexpected diversity in Geastrum section Geastrum (Geastrales, Basidiomycota).
Los generos mejor representados son Marasmius (3 especies), Geastrum (2) y Leucocoprinus (2).
Geastraceae is considered the second most representative family of gasteroid fungi in Brazil, with an estimated 50 recorded species, Geastrum being the most diverse genus in the country (Trierveiler-Pereira & Baseia, 2009; Leite et al., 2011; Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011; Silva et al., 2011, 2013).
Endoperidium with crystalline matter (pruinose); delimited peristome; long pedicel (up to 13 mm high); plicate apophysis Geastrum pectinatum 4.
According to Agerer & Beenken (1998), Geastrum fimbriatum exhibits thin mantle and Hartig net when associated with Fagus sylvatica L,
Geastrum fimbriatum was previously recorded in Brazil for the states of Bahia (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2009), Para (Leite et al., 2011; Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011); Paraiba (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011), Pernambuco (Leite et al., 2007a; Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011), Rio de Janeiro (Berkeley & Cooke, 1876), and Rio Grande do Sul (Rick, 1961).
The main characteristics of Geastrum fimbriatum are mycelial layer encrusted with debris, sub sessile endoperidium with hyphal protrusions and non- delimited fibrilous peristome.
Geastrum javanicum was previously recorded in Brazil for the states of Minas Gerais (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011), Para (Leite et al., 2011), Paraiba (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011), Pernambuco (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011), and Rio de Janeiro states (Trierveiler-Pereira et al., 2011).
Previously Geastrum saccatum has only been reported from Kaghan valley by Ahmad in 1952 and 1956.
Elaphomyces granulatus FB 4 Flammulina velutipes WM 4 Fomitopsis pinicola SC 4 Grifola frondosa SC 5,6 SC 3, 5, Ganoderma lucidum FB 4 FB 4 Geastrum saccatum FB 4 FB 2, 4, 5 FB Inonotus obliquus FB 3 FB 4 Lactarius deliciosus WM 3 L.
Astraeus hygrometricus and Geastrum lageniforme, for example, were present throughout the year in oak forest and subtropical scrub, respectively, while Mysiostoma coliforme was only collected during the winter in mesquite scrub and Geastrum minimum in fall in oak forest.
Distribution of Geastrum species from some priority regions for conservation of biodiversity of Sonora, Mexico.
X Tulostoma xerophilum Long X X Diplocystidiaceae Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan Geastraceae Geastrum berkeleyi Massee X Geastrum fimbriatum Fr.
Geastrum morganii, segunda cita para la Peninsula Iberica y nueva para Asturias.
Geastrum parvistriatum, una nueva especie encontrada en Espana.