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Friquet, who did not expect to be let off so cheaply, bounded off like a gazelle up the Quai a la Rue Dauphine, and disappeared.
50, for which he has so often sprinted like the gazelle of the prairie.
Picture a gorilla and a gazelle, and you have the pair of them.
Prince Jalawi bin Abdul Aziz released a group of Arabian oryxes, goitered gazelles, Edmi antelopes, houbaras, and ostriches.
Manama: Security officers at Farasan Islands off the Saudi coast have foiled an attempt to smuggle out live gazelles.
According to the IUCN, the total numbers of gazelles across the world in 2008 were estimated to be less than 15,000, with Oman having the highest at 13,000 gazelles till the late 1990s.
The comparison of data collected 25 years after the last inventories suggests a slight reduction of the range, Cuvier's gazelles retreating to the optimum habitats along the south-western part of Algeria.
TAP) - A new batch of 21 Atlas gazelles from the Andalusian city of Almeria (Spain) was received on Thursday afternoon at Jebel Serj National Park (governorate Siliana), during a ceremony held in the presence of Habib Abid, Director General of forests, and Spain's Ambassador in Tunisia, Juan Lopez-Doriga Perez.
Starting fast out of the gate for Denver Startup Week, the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) today announced its annual additions to the roster of Denver Gazelles, the citys list of the rapidly growing firms here with both proven success and excellent potential in raising money and creating jobs.
HATAY (CyHAN)- Around 400 gazelles wandering on Turkey-Syria border struggle to survive along with local people near the ongoing battle in Syria.
S ponsor officiel de l'equipage marocain Nu221, McDonald's Maroc a organise ce mardi 14 avril un dejeuner presse en l'honneur des deux championnes qui ont remporte le Premier Prix du Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (RAG) dans la Categorie 4*4.
beaucoup moins que] L'organisation des foulees des gazelles entre dans le cadre de la promotion du sport de masse ciblant particulierement les athletes non structures n'ayant pas de licences [beaucoup plus grand que], souligne le conferencier.
THREE men accused of poaching gazelles from a nature park were caught when police found them trapped inside their vehicle after it overturned during a hunting mission.
For the first time, in March 2015, there will be official UK teams in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles.
We also have an exchange with Al Ain Wildlife Park in the UAE and brought in eland antelopes, Arabian, African and dama gazelles.