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deciduous or evergreen shrubs of North America: black huckleberries

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2, 18 -- Decodon verticillatus -- -- -- Gaylussacia baccata -- -- -- Ilex verticillata -- -- 11, 0.
Similarly, Gaylussacia baccata occurs on nearly 80% of unplowed but only 21% of plowed plots.
For instance, in the 50 to [greater than]100 yr since agricultural abandonment, Gaultheria and Gaylussacia have typically spread vegetatively only several metres onto formerly plowed areas.
The remaining six sites included: (4) Goose Pond site [35[degrees]"N, 86[degrees]1'26"W], a registered National Natural Landmark comprising a 64 ha karst pan mixed hardwood forest wetland area; (5) Maidencane site [35[degrees]23'13"N, 86[degrees]1'27"W] adjacent to Goose Pond and dominated by a single disjunct coastal grass species (Panicum hemitomon Schult); (6) oak site [35[degrees]25'1"N, 86[degrees]3'8"W] representative of the primary forest component (80% hardwood) found on AAFB and containing the state-designated rare dwarf huckleberry, Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.
78 and 82), usually berries, but drupes in Gaylussacia.
Sleumer Vaccinioideae Gaultheria miqueliana Takeda Vaccinioideae Gaultheria shallon Pursh Vaccinioideae Gaylussacia frondosa (L.
Certain terrestrial genera, such as the superior-ovaried Bejaria (Rhododendroideae) and Gaultireria (Vaccinioideae: Gaultherieae) and a few inferior-ovaried species in Vaccinium and Gaylussacia (Vaccinioideae: Vaccinieae), seem to prefer somewhat xeric sites.
The plots in group (g) had a greater proportion of Betula populifolia, Gaylussacia baccata, scrub oak and Pteridium aquilinum than did (h) (Table 2).
The heathlands in coastal Massachusetts, including Nantucket, are characterized by the presence of the ericaceous species Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Gaylussacia baccata, Vaccinium vacillans and Vaccinium angustifolium (Tiffney and Eveleigh, 1985).
Gaylussacia baccata, for example, was found at only five sites but reached high cover values (up to 42%).