Gaussian distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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From the perspective of the analog source and channel noise which follows the Gaussian distribution, the CEO problem verifies that the code rate after distributed compressed coding in relay nodes as well as rate-distortion region follow a certain distortion constraint [25].
D2D and Cellular users' locations map using the non-uniform Gaussian distribution
It follows from our consideration that pseudorapidity distributions of shower particles in these events are representative samplings from the parent Gaussian distribution. Pseudorapidity distributions in these individual events obey the Gaussian law.
After observing the characteristics of the heave curve shown in Figure 13(b), we can find that it could also be described by the Gaussian distribution curve reasonably, which has also been proposed by Zhu [59].
As we have numerical data and in GNB assume that every feature is independent, the likelihood is formed by the multiplication of every feature parameterized by univariate Gaussian distribution's [mu] and [sigma].
The output of the local particle filter is the local posteriori approximated as a Gaussian distribution N(*|[m.sup.i,local.sub.k], [P.sup.i,local.sub.k]).
This test is used to determine if there is evidence that the shockwave speed comes from a Gaussian distribution with mean [[mu].sub.0] and unknown variance.
Being a general fading distribution, Nakagami-m fading model includes (as its singularities) other fading models such are Rayleigh distribution (by setting parameter m value m = 1), and one-sided Gaussian distribution (m = 1/2) [2].
Gaussian Distribution. The Gaussian distribution is a parametric probability density function that is a mean value and variance continuous distribution maximum information entropy [23].
When [alpha] = 2, the noise belongs to Gaussian distribution, and when 0 < [alpha] < 2, it is low order a stable distribution.
The following assumptions are made: (i) at FC, the energy values from SUs are combined to form a global TS which forms a random variable; (ii) the global TS is assumed to have either a Gamma or a Gaussian distribution and the threshold is calculated accordingly.
The method has several advantages: (1) the outcome of the region growing approach is provided automatically as the initial contour of level set evolution method; (2) the global Gaussian distribution with different means and variances is integrated into level set framework.
Huber, "Accuracy of the coherent potential approximation for a one-dimensional Frenkel exciton system with a Gaussian distribution of fluctuations in the optical transition frequency," Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, vol.
Assume [t.sub.i] is a Gaussian distribution whose mean value is y:
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