Gaussian curve

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a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution

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Based on the Gaussian curve fitting of the monitored transverse settlement troughs, total volume loss [V.sub.L] and trough width factor k (= [i.sub.x]/H) were evaluated as summarized in Table 3.
Let's calculate the probability at 50 percent chance using the Gaussian curve. If the past 60 years were the beginning (25 percent of the curve) of the FTA life, then one-quarter of the FTA lifespan would have passed with three-quarters (240-60 = 180 years) remaining.
Fei, "Improving the peak wavelength detection accuracy of Sn-doped, H2-loaded FBG high temperature sensors by wavelet filter and Gaussian curve fitting," Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol.
In additive white Gaussian noise, all the image pixels deviate from their original values following the bell-shaped curve distribution (Gaussian curve).
Fortunately, the fact that the shape of a chromatogram peak looks like a Gaussian curve [14] can help.
The amide I region (1700-1600 [cm.sup.-1]) of the spectrum was curve fitted into Gaussian curve for secondary structure analysis.
Explanation of S&P500 Index Distribution Deviation from a Gaussian Curve (Dynamic Financial Market Model), Journal of Accounting and Finance 11(2): 69-77.
[12] "Gaussian curve built-in membership function MATLAB,"n.d, toolbox/fuzzy/gaussmf.html, 2010.
In the world of mediocristan, people's incomes and prospects are scalable; the success or failure is predictable on a Gaussian curve. But extremistan is a world of outliers; it is inhabited by giants and dwarves.
Since the slope of a Gaussian curve is positive to the left of the mode, zero at the mode and negative to the right of the mode, the logarithmic derivative decreases linearly.
The likelihood of success or failure is predictable on a Gaussian curve (the typical bell curve model used in statistics).
However, the well-documented transformation of college grades from a Gaussian curve into a stalagmite-shaped aberration (stark confirmation of rampant grade inflation) is a topic far too large for this discussion.
The program, gaussian curve fit analysis of TM (GcTm), was designed to determine Tms of amplicons by fitting gaussian curves to derivative data from dissociation analyses (Fig.
To obtain a more quantitative analysis of the distribution of pits and surface pigments in the 2D projection images, the large central peak in the pixel intensity histograms--due to the principal surface reflection--was modeled as a Gaussian curve. While it is common to use a Gaussian function to model the topographic profile of a rough surface, with the width of the Gaussian distribution being proportional to the RMS of the surface, (18) we are not aware of any special theoretical reason why a Gaussian fit would be the most appropriate in this case, where the scattered intensity is being modeled.